The benefits of merino clothing for newborns and toddlers

The benefits of merino clothing for newborns and toddlers

As a parent, ensuring your child is comfortable, safe and healthy is always top of mind. When it comes to dressing your little ones, merino wool is a wonder fabric which, believe it or not, is a great option for all-year round wear. It’s not just any fabric, it’s a game-changer for our active explorers. But what’s the secret behind it’s magic? Let’s uncover the wonders of pure merino wool. 

Experience all-season comfort 

Merino wool's natural temperature-regulating properties offer your active explorer comfort all-year round. The delicate fibres trap and release heat as needed; in hot weather, they allow for optimal moisture absorption and evaporation, keeping your baby cool and dry; while in cooler weather, it traps body heat to insulate and maintain warmth. This ensures your child stays comfortable year-round while they develop their ability to regulate their body temperature, also making the perfect layering garment during the cooler days. 

Gentle on delicate skin and naturally hypoallergenic 

Incredibly soft and finer than regular wool (which can be course and scratchy), merino is gentle on delicate skin. The naturally hypoallergenic properties mean your merino garments won't cause itching or irritation, making it ideal for newborns and toddlers with sensitive skin or eczema. This ensures comfort and safety for your little one all day long. 

Stay dry and comfortable 

Highly breathable and moisture-wicking, Merino wool keeps your baby dry and comfortable, reducing the risk of overheating and skin rashes. Also perfect for active toddlers, as it manages sweat and ensures they stay fresh while they are playing and exploring. 

Durable and easy care

Merino wool is durable and can withstand the wear and tear that comes with active little ones. It’s also relatively easy to care for, with many merino items being machine washable (please do check the care label). Brands like Mokopuna® and Lamington™ offer high-quality merino clothing that retains its shape and softness even after multiple washes. The lanolin in merino fibres has antibacterial properties, preventing odours and keeping the fabric cleaner for longer, with fewer washes which lead to a longer lifespan for your baby’s clothing. 

In a nutshell, here are our cleaning recommendations, but again, do check the care labels provided on the garment: 
  • turn the garment inside out before washing; 
  • use a dedicated wool cycle on your machine or opt for hand washing; 
  • choose a wool detergent to prevent damage caused by regular detergent; 
  • avoid fabric softener or bleach; use vinegar for spot stain removal; 
  • dry flat away from direct sunlight; 
  • avoid tumble drying or soaking merino fabric. 

A step towards a greener future 

Merino is celebrated as an environmentally friendly fabric choice, due to its naturally renewable and biodegradable properties. The production of merino aligns with sustainable farming practices, as merino sheep require minimal human intervention and have a low environmental impact. This means, in opting for merino clothing, you’re aligning yourself with reducing the fast fashion clothing cycle by choosing quality clothing which will last and can be passed down sibling to sibling - actively promote a sustainable choice for both the planet and your children’s future. 

Our merino brands instore: 

For over 20 years, New Zealand loved brand Mokopuna® Merino, has collaborated with Mother Nature to create beautiful sustainable 100% superfine merino clothing for babies and toddlers.  

Designed with longevity in mind, their timeless designs and colours are offered in a range of garments, from hoodies, and onesies to beanies, gift sets and more. Each Mokopuna® piece is meticulously crafted for durability and style, so you can hand it down from sibling to sibling. 


An award-winning Kiwi brand, Lamington™ specialises in New Zealand-made Merino wool socks, offering both comfort and fun designs that keep tiny feet warm and cosy. Originating from a common frustration faced by parents—socks that won't stay up on active legs—the brand ensures functionality, offering socks designed to securely stay in place. Lamington's story reflects innovation born out of necessity, resonating with parents seeking practical solutions for everyday challenges. 


Merino wool is a fantastic choice for your little one’s wardrobe, ensuring your little one is comfortable all-year round! By opting for merino clothing from brands like Mokopuna® and Lamington™, not only are you investing in quality garments for your child's comfort, but you're also contributing to a greener future, promoting sustainability for generations to come. 

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