NUK Nature Sense Glass Bottle Set - 8 Piece

NUK Nature Sense Glass Bottle Set - 8 Piece

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Top Features

The NUK Nature Sense teat has several tiny openings – modelled on the milk ducts in a mother's breast. These give an optimal, even and natural flow. The shape of the teat also resembles the nipple when breastfeeding. For it adapts flexibly to the tongue and palate when the baby feeds. The NUK Nature Sense teat replicates this special shape. The material used is soft, giving that familiar feeling to your baby’s lips. The teat is available with two different drinking holes (S and M). Depending on baby’s individual sucking strength, these different hole variants allow for an optimal drinking flow.

NUK Nature Sense Glass Baby Bottles with Temperature Control show at a glance when the right drinking temperature is reached. With Temperature Control, the scale on the bottle changes colour depending on the temperature of the contents. If the food is too hot, the normally blue indicator turns white.

The popular NUK Genius Silicone Soother, which comes in the set, has the NUK Form that is right for the jaw, is modelled on a parent’s nipple as they breastfeed and helps reduce the risk of crooked teeth and misaligned jaws. The extra-flat baglet enables a natural sucking movement. Thanks to the smooth transition from the teat neck to the baglet, the soother feels particularly familiar and natural for your baby. Also includes the NUK Soother Box, which ensures that baby’s favourite soother always stays clean and is always ready to use.

The NUK Bottle Brush Twist is included, so that you can have everything clean both simply and in no time at all. With the flexible brush head, cleaning can be particularly thorough. Any remaining food that is difficult to reach can be easily removed. With the extra teat brush in the handle, not only baby bottles but teats can be optimally cleaned too.

Shaped like a flower, the NUK Multi Dry Rack is an eye-catcher in every kitchen and takes up to six bottles and a lot of accessories. Soothers, teats or baby spoons find a place for themselves in the lattice in the centre of the flower.



Teat Size

Teat Flow

3x NUK Nature Sense Baby Bottles with Temperature Control made of borosilicate glass, 1x 120ml S (for slow drinking flow) and 2x 240ml M (for medium drinking flow)

1x additional NUK Nature Sense silicone teat in S and M: wide, flexible lip rest and extra-soft teat tip similar to a parent’s nipple for as natural a feeling as possible, as at a parent‘s breast – now even softer, with innovative Anti-Colic Vent

1x NUK Genius Silicone Soother “My First NUK”, 0-6 months, right for the jaw, with NUK Soother Box (transparent)

1x NUK Multi Dry Bottle Rack – practical way to dry bottles and accessories

1x NUK Bottle Brush Twist with flexible head and teat brush