Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap - Classic
Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap - Classic
Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap - Classic
Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap - Classic

Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap - Classic

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Top Features

The Safe T Sleep Classic Sleepwrap helps keep babies safely on their back during bedtime, in the recommended back sleeping position. This is especially useful for babies who are rollers or are very wriggly while still within the SIDS risk period. The Sleepwrap is also great for babies who continue to need to be swaddled, preventing them from rolling onto their tummy while swaddled.

With older and very mobile babies, the Sleepwrap is very useful for keeping your baby in a safe and relaxed sleep position. As your baby starts to adjust to not being swaddled, the Sleepwrap provides a familiar and comforting 'wrap' sensation around the tummy. It is a sleep association that helps them to learn to sleep unswaddled and works very well with a sleeping bag too.

Helps prevent your baby from:
- Rolling onto their tummy
- Crawling under bedding
- Becoming jammed in a corner or a bed end
- Getting tangled in the bedding or swaddling
- Pulling themselves up in the cot/crib
- Trying to climb out or falling off the bed

Unfolded Dimensions



Safety Standards

Restful, quality safer sleep for baby, peace of mind for you with anti-roll over feature

Natural, comfortable movements encouraging babies development

Helps keep face and head clear reducing the risk of suffocation

Ideal for positioning babies with reflux or colic

Helps prevent flat heads, in combo with Safe T Sleep Head Wedge

Helps prevent cot/crib/bed asphyxia, jamming in slats, climbing and falling

Fits bassinet, moses basket, flat pram, standard and large cot, single bed